The Urdu word “Tabdeli” is known as “change” in English. it was 2018 when slogans of Naya Pakistan were raised which gave a people new direction. Pakistanis became dreaming that how Naya Pakistan will be different from the old one. Than on 29 April, 2018 Imran Khan gave his ideas of Naya Pakistan or How Pakistan would be which motivated people and on 25 July, 2018 Pakistanis select Imran Khan as there 22nd Prime minister after his 22 years of hard work.

He took oath on 18 august, 2018. Now three years are gone. People are still waiting for the reforms announced three years ago. They cannot judge what is changed in Pakistan. It has become difficult task to distinguish between Naya Pakistan and the old Pakistan. The information sector of Government should have to make people aware that what important steps they had taken in the last three years.


  • Diamer- Basha dam was inaugurated in 2019. It will be completed in 2028. It will cost $14 billion. It has total capacity of 8,107,132 acre/ft. (According to Wikipedia).
  • Giving the concept of earning through tourism. Special airlines are made operation such as north air to promote tourism. The government has targeted to earn Rs 1000 billion by 2023.
  • Helped to release 2,612 Pakistani prisoners languishing in foreign prisons. These prisoners were mostly released from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Merged the tribal areas of FATA to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2018 and announced to give extra funds from all provinces for the development of these areas.
  • Fully supported the accountability. NAB has recovered Rs 487.5 Billion in the last three years.
  • Special focus on paying loans, government has paid off $20 Billion by Feb, 2021.  
  • Allocated Rs 2 Billion to transform PM house into a university. (According to Ministry of Finance).
  • Made Effective diplomacy and saved Pakistan from paying $1.2bn penalty in Karkey case.    
  • The Kartarpur Corridor was opened in November, 2019. It is located in District Narowal.  Government completed these developments only in 11 months.          
  • Launched 10 Billion tree tsunami project to challenge the increasing global warming.
  • Launched Sehat Insaf Card for all the population of Pakistan. Almost all 98% of the total population of KPK has got the health cards. These cards will be distributed to all the population of Punjab, Baluchistan, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir by the end of 2021. (according to Ministry of Health).
  • The tax collection is increasing continuously in Pakistan. The target of Rs 4,691 billion was set and government managed to collect Rs 4,725 billion for fiscal year 2020- 21. (18.2 % increase in total collection).
  • After Covid19 arrived, Imran Khan was the first leader who raised voice for debt relief. Pakistan ended up securing $2.4 billion debt relief.
  • In first 22 months, the PTI government has constructed and revamped 1824 km of roads across Pakistan. Which is 600 km more than PMLN did in their last 2 years.
  • Pakistan was ranked 147th in the world in 2018. Pakistan has jumped 39 places to 108 under Imran Khan’s leadership in less than two years.
  • Launched Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme for the poor people so that they can have their own house of low cost.
  • Announced to give Rs 1.1 trillion Package to Karachi. (Karachi Transformation Plan)
  • Launched Ravi River Urban Development Project located in Lahore District. It will cost Rs 5 Trillion. Its first phase is estimated to complete in 2023.
  • Launched ML-1 railway project with the cooperation with China. It will cost more than $10 Billion.
  • Inaugurated Rashkai Ecnomic Zone close to Nowshera.  The Rashakai zone will be spread over 1,000 acres of land and for it China’s Century Steel Pvt. Ltd. is also relocating to Pakistan.
  • Opened Roshan Digital Account for overseas Pakistanis.
  • Government is willing to give right to vote to overseas
  • Made electoral reforms for free and fare election. They are emphasizing the use of EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines).
  • Launched Kamyab Jawan Programme which will create job opportunities specially for youth.
  • Launched single national curriculum. One syllabus for all the students whether he is studying in English medium or Urdu. By 2023, grade 1 to 12 will have same syllabus all over Pakistan except Sindh.
  • Launched the ground breaking of University of Hafiz AbadUniversity of ChakwalNUML Knowledge CityPak-Austria Facchochschule Institute in HaripurSialkot University of Applied Engineering and Technology.
  • NCOC (National Command and Operation Center) made steps to control this Virus, and made rules and regulations to fight with corona virus. The international community has praised the role of NCOC since its establishment. The policy of smart lockdown was announced and this made Pakistan an instance in front of the world. A package to construction industry was given which helped the poor population.
  • Government brilliantly fought with global warming. They launched many environmental friendly projects. Like, Largest forest of Pakistan in Kundian, Mianwali launched with 250 million trees target, Monsoon Tree Plantation campaignBillion Tree Honey Initiative, Plantation of Olive Farms. On 9th August Largest tree plantation drive in Pakistan’s history was made 3.5 million trees.
  • Established panagahs for the poor and needy poor and has also launched koi bhoka na soyeihsaas nashonoma.
  • Launched Ehsaas programme for the poor people and now through this program almost 12 Million families are benefitted monthly. 
  • The Current account deficit has reducedto $3 Billion from $20 Billion within 22 months.
  • The State Bank’s reserves have reached $ 27 Billion in the three years government.
  • Imran Khan Discussed Kashmir’s issue every time he met President Donald Trump leading to the US president repeatedly offering to act as a mediator between India & Pakistan in an attempt to solve the Kashmir crisis. Previous PM wouldn’t even mention Kashmir. Pakistan’s foreign policy helped to bring peace in Palestine, Afghanistan. 
  • Imran Khan reduced PM office staff to 298 from 552. Reduced the operating cost of the PM office to 339 million from 509 million. (33% reduction) No camp offices. Bears expenses of his house himself.
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