Hakla- D.I Khan Motorway:

This project was completed and inaugurated on January 5th, 2022. Its total length is​ 285 km length and is 4 lane motorway and will be upgraded to 6 lanes in the future. It has cost 122,181 Million PKR.

Hakla- D.I Khan Motorway

KKH Phase II (Havelian – Thakot Section):

Havelian- Thakot motorway is the early harvest Project category which starts from Havelian and ends at Thakot. The total length of this section is 120 km worth 1,315 Million U.S $. The main scope is to construct a 40 km 4 Lane Motorway, 80 km Class-II Highway and is being supervised by the Ministry of Communications. Havelian – Mansehra Section was inaugurated by Prime Minister on 18th November 2019. Mansehra – Thakot Section was inaugurated by CM KPK on 28th July 2020.

Havelian – Thakot Motorway

Multan – Sukkur Motorway:

Karachi – Peshawar Motorway envisages construction/development of a 6-Lane access-controlled Motorway having a total length of 1,100 Km. The proposed Motorway shall be a tolled facility. It originates from Karachi through Motorway M-9 (136 Km) up to Hyderabad. From Hyderabad onwards, the proposed alignment shall follow a virgin alignment for 345 Km up to Sukkur. The Sukkur Multan section, 392 Km essentially follows the Left Bank of River Indus which starts from Sukkur and ends at Multan. It had cost 2.889 Billion U.S $. 

Multan- Sukkur Motorway

Orange Line Metro Train (Lahore):

The Orange Line is 27 km long composed of covered 1.72 km and elevated 25.4 km. The total track has 26 stations and the total project has cost 1,626 Million U.S $. The project was completed and inaugurated on October 25th, 2020. 

Orange Line Train

Cross Border Optical Fiber Cable:

The fiber optical cable covers an area of 820 km from Khunjerab to Rawalpindi. The total length of this project is 820 km. The project had helped to improve the telecom and ICT industry of Pakistan, promote tourism, and create trading opportunities for northern areas of the country. It will also provide the ICT infrastructure for 3G/4G services in the northern areas and enhance communication security with an alternative fiber route.

Pilot Project of Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast (DTMB):

The Pilot Project was inaugurated in April 2015 of 4 Million U.S $. The DTMB standard has been adopted by Cuba, Macao, Hong Kong, and China. Four digital Terrestrial TV broadcasting standards are being used worldwide currently in Europe, U.S.A, Japan. The terrestrial analog network of PTV is analogue which is required to be upgraded to a Digital TV Transmission network.

Zhob- Quetta (Khuclak N-50):

This project is under construction. It is 331 km and will cost 66,833 Million PKR. The existing 2 lanes are in very good condition. Addition of 2 new lanes for dualization of Existing N-50 translate. Geometric improvements will be made to the existing alignment to achieve the design speed. 100m R.O.W will be acquired to upgrade it to 6 lanes in the future. Tendering for construction work of two sections is completed and contractor mobilized whereas the remaining three sections tendering will process soon. Prime Minister did its groundbreaking on 29th March 2019.

Kuchlak N-50

Khuzdar- Basima Road N-30:

The project is located in District Khuzdar in Baluchistan province and is under construction. The main purpose of the project is the construction of the 2-lane highway from Basima to Khuzdar of 106 km in length. It will cost 19.19 Billion PKR. The work on this project was started in October 2019 and 67% work is completed.

Khuzdar- Basima Road

Hoshab- Awaran Road Section (M-8):

This project is under construction, tendering for construction work is completed and the contractor is mobilized in June 2021. It will cost 146.26 Billion PKR. 

Hoshab- Awaran Road

KKH Alternate Route Shandur- Chitral Road:

The groundbreaking of this project was performed by PM in April 2021 and is under construction. It is 153 km long and will cost 16 Billion PKR.

Chitral Road

Nokundi- Mashkhel Road:

This road is 103 km long and will cost 7 Billion PKR. Prime Minister did its groundbreaking on 20th May 2021. Tendering for construction work of it is completed and the contractor is mobilized. 

Some Other Projects:

  • Up-gradation of D.I Khan (Yarik) – Zhob, N-50 Phase- I
  • KKH Alternative Route Gilgit- Shandur Road
  • Dir Expressway
  • Peshawar – D.I Khan Motorway
  • Upgradation and dualization of ML-1 and establishment of a dry port near Havelian
  • Realignment of KKH Phase- I Thakot – Raikot Section
  • Awaran – Khuzdar Road Section (M-8)

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